dj mix: Dance like you mean it – 11-10-22

Light and fluffy

new dj mix dance like you mean it

Like the perfect french omelette, made with simple ingredients and skill, I present to you my newest dj mix. I bought and downloaded some new tracks this week, and thought I would see about crafting a new dj mix. Turned out quite ok, I think!

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Tops and tails

I like my audio clean. As Traktor limits recordings to 57 minutes, you have to time your last track carefully in order to ease ears out kindly. When listening back to my last dj mix, I realised that it dropped out very suddenly at the end of the set. One Mind by Robert Babicz (Jerome Isma-ae remix) is a bottom-heavy track that does not withstand being cut off suddenly and abruptly. Realising this, I had no choice but to import the track into Ableton and tidy up the ending. Voilà!

Today’s mix came out practically perfect! I just exported the track listing, made a cover in Adobe Express and uploaded to Mixcloud. Man do I love modern technology.

Track Listing

1 Brightest Lights ft. POLIÇA (Shui Mi Tao remix) – Lane 8

2 Ocean Color (Extended Mix) – Greg Ochman

3 The Mistery Of The Waves (Original Mix) – Marian (AR)

4 Optimism (Simone Glad, Jelly For The Babies Remix) – Hassan Maroofi

5 Wanderer (Original Mix) – Makebo

6 Music Is The Way (feat. Klara Sestiniova) (Original Mix) – Spada, Klara Sestiniova

7 I Don’t Want to Wait (Soulfeed Remix) – Chris Domingo, Mariner, Mariner + Domingo

8 Calypso (Original Mix) – Markus Homm

9 Lullaby (Baez Remix) – Yuriy From Russia, Julia Gherber

10 Mirror (Original Mix) – Coolnick + HALL

11 Heartbeating (Original Mix) – Coolnick + HALL

12 Chakras (Original Mix) – Taleon

4 Fall Feels – New Mix

fall feels mix cover

For your listening pleasure, a feel-good fall mélange on my Mixcloud. I dropped in tracks by Kamilo Sanclamente, Robert Babicz, Maximiljan and Who Made Who. Hope that you like it as much as I liked making it!

Here is the mix listing:

1 Drifting Away – Faithless

2 Flight of Birds (Original Mix) – Bedouin

3 Silence & Secrets (Frank Wiedemann Version) -WhoMadeWho

4 Abu Simbel (Extended) – WhoMadeWho

5 Heimarmene Vs. As The Rush Comes_Acappella (Minestrone Mashup) – Volen Sentir Vs. Motorcycle

6 Simon Vuarambon – 1996 – Shanti Radio

7 Together (Extended) – Kamilo Sanclemente

8 Music Is (Original) – Maximiljan

9 Summer Like (Original) – Atrejou

10 Tell Me (Ezequiel Arias Space Mix) – Galestian, Mira J

11 From the Silence (Extended Mx) – Deviu

12 One Mind (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) – Robert Babicz

It’s been a while…

September was a busy month. I had a little trip to the US, then some stupid admin to take care of.

Also, I renovated my little music studio. I painted an accent wall in a lovely inky grey and generally tidied up. I bought some panels to improve the acoustics in the room, but, to be honest, I need to replace the window first. Still, it is now much tidier and prettier. I am looking forward to the quieter winter months.

I started djing only last year, in September 2021. I think that I have done well. I hope that you like the music. It is not perfect, but I like it that way. Artificial Intelligence can make perfect mixes (but surely boring, imho). We beautifully imperfect humans make little errors and that’s what makes life so ineffably lovely.

Something cool mix 13-8-22

Hello all you groovers, hot enough for you? Here in Spain we had 100Km/hr gusts of 40ºC winds…at 3 in the morning. Nice. Not.

Chill and cool

Given how sweltering this summer has been, I decided to make you a nice something nice and cool, a long tall icy mix. Downtempo and somewhat leftfield, I dropped in some Henry Saiz, Matthew Herbert and Sahalé, for your enjoyment.

(PS – In case you missed it, there is another nice chilled mix right here…)

Track listing:

  1. Laika – Lower Than Stars
  2. High Noon – ID
  3. Julee Cruise – Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
  4. Window Pain – ID
  5. The Story of Light – ID
  6. Orbient – Boarding (Doubleseat Mix)
  7. Sahalé and Samarana – Three Years in the Forest
  8. David Douglas – Moon Observations (Henry Saiz remix)
  9. Sahalé – Magharibi
  10. Marat Mode – Lows
  11. Bonnie & Clyde (Herbert’s Fred &Ginger Mix)
  12. Qrion – It’s all Over (Moon Kyoo Extended Mix)
  13. Avidus – Dunes (Jesse Trinidad Remix)
  14. Calling the Ancestors (Elfenberg Remix)

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