Waldorf Rocket

A new synth!

I am super excited to have bought a hardware synthesizer! I have a few software VST synths (u-he Diva, Arturia Pigments), and one hardware synth (AKAI Miniak). But…my attempts at production are routinely hampered because I just can’t find the bass sounds I want!

I was watching the Bad Gear Youtube channel and he was reviewing I don’t know what. But when he went to make a song using whatever gear it was, he hooked up a small-ish square box. I zoomed in and discovered that it was a “Waldorf Rocket.” Apparently, these synths are particularly good for basses as they have no attack adjustment. (bass sounds, in general, have a fast attack).

Well, I found two for sale on Reverb (an amazing music gear buy-and-sell app…check it out if you’re a second-hand gear junkie like me. I just love the fact that thrift and vintage shopping is tax-free and environmentally wise. But I digress.)

So Marc from the Hague made a sale and the synth was in my hot little hands within a week. Right out of the box, after a few knob adjustments, I got this growling pumping proggy bass and immediately fell in love with the Rocket! There are no presets, and you can’t save your sounds, so like Nu-Trix says in this video, the Rocket is about finding a sound that fits with your song, recording it, and moving on.

Hopefully I will finally finish the projects that were left languishing for want of a beautiful bass!

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