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The right music for your event

There’s no denying it: the perfect music sets the tone for an unforgettable party! Parties are about escaping reality for a little while, and being your best, vibrant, glamorous self. The fitting soundtrack is one of the many memorable ingredients of a party. Hey, while you’re here, why not listen to one of my mixes?

The deejay needs to read the crowd. Djs are taste-makers: our role is to drop in just enough familiar music to let people feel included, while also mixing in unexpected and rare gems that catch the crowd off guard.

Visiting or staying in Alicante?

If you’re looking for a deejay for your venue, party, or event in Alicante, look no further – you have my contact info right here! I mix a wide range of music in a clear, cool, and impeccable style. You and your guests will have an uplifting and memorable time, enjoying a variety of music genres such as soul remixes, French hip-hop, and Ibiza beats.

Music taste in Alicante

If you’re visiting Alicante province and want a special vibe for your event, you’ve found the right deejay. I have lived in the Costa Blanca for nearly twenty years and my honest opinion is this: it is a lovely and lively place, but the taste in music is often questionable at best…and the excess of volume is bewildering for the more sophisticated visitors to our fine coast. More on volume below.

The music that gets played around here is Latin-influenced, of course. There is a lot of reggaeton and all those sub-genres like bachata etc. This is not the music that I listen to, or that I play. I tend more toward the Ibiza vibe.

Funny how Ibiza is only 50 km away across the straight, yet the music vibe is so vastly different. Well, as they say, you cannot teach taste. Read on…


Taste is something highly personal and must be refined over time. I have collected music all my life and listened to many different genres. I love modern pop like The Weeknd, I love left-field electronica like Sabrina the Teenage DJ. I enjoy listening to Americana and healing acoustic music, such as Ayla Nereo..

I also listen to plenty of classical music and this is why I play downtempo progressive electronic music. To my ear, progressive is the genre most akin to classical music. The song’s motif, with changing voices, build-up, and drop-down, is very orchestral. So, my sound is very much informed by this search for a smooth groovy vibe that takes the listener (or dancer!) on a journey.

A word about sound and volume

The volume thing is a real problem. Did you know that Spain has one of the highest rates of hearing loss in the entire world? I think that this is partly because of their ultra-loud “fiestas” in which they explode all manner of things at very close proximity. In Alicante and Valencia, they have a “mascletà” which is basically pyrotechnics at high decibels for twenty minutes or more in the street. They perceive a musicality in it and enjoy it, but this kind of thing ruins your hearing.

Most people who have hearing loss don’t realize that they do. I am taking the time to write this because SOUND & VOLUME ARE IMPORTANT! I have a great Mackie Soundsystem, plus some Yamaha monitors to keep things in check. I play loudly, but not too loud. So, count on me to get the volume right and not blow your ears out!!!